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Island Comfort Air Conditioning offers you high quality air conditioning services in Kona.

Although we love our perfect weather in Hawaii, we also know how high humidity can be here too. Humidity raises the temperature and adds unbearable amounts of moisture to the air. It also makes your air conditioning work harder and takes years off your system’s lifespan.

This is where the experts at Island Comfort Air Conditioning come into play.

With summer right around the corner, you will want to have your air conditioning inspected by Island Comfort today. Island Comfort offers a large variety of air conditioning services in Kona with the promise to keep you cool in the hottest times.

Before you attempt fixing your air conditioner yourself, give us a call and let us professionally assess the situation for you.

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Proper Installation by Experienced Air Conditioning Service Professionals

Although this seems like an obvious essential service, you would be surprised at how often incomplete or faulty installations disrupt the efficiency of your air conditioning system. This is such a crucial element in the productivity of your air conditioner because you are relying on the knowledge and integrity of the installer.

Installers need to be acquainted with numerous aspects of your property to obtain maximum efficiency from your unit. For example, if your unit is too large for the space it is going to cool, it will not only waste energy, it will also waste your money. If your air conditioner is cooling the room too quickly, the compressor will not have time to remove the excess moisture, or humidity, in the air. This means that the room will remain at the same temperature, or even feel warmer, rather than cooling down.

An honest air conditioning specialist from Island Comfort will inform you of what your system needs so you won’t waste your money. Integrity is our promise to you.

Attic Insulation

Insulation is a feature that most people don’t even consider when assessing the state of their air conditioner. We might realize how insulation keeps warm air inside during the winter, but not many realize how insulation also keeps cool air in during the summer.

Insulation doesn’t last forever though, and if your attic insulation is no longer functional, it will not keep the cool air in place as it should. All of your cool air will slip through the ceiling and through the roof, which makes your air conditioner have to work harder. When your air conditioner works harder, this costs you money over time.

This might be the first thing to check when you feel that your unit is not keeping your house as cool as it should. However, most people never even consider the insulation and, instead, just crank up the A/C for hours hoping to bring the temperature down.

Your Comfort is Our First Order of Business

Island Comfort Air Conditioning in Kona is here to keep you comfortable through the hot summer months. From our friendly and helpful phone staff to our expert technicians and installers, we are all on the same team aiming to serve your needs.

From your first call to Island Comfort to the time we leave your house, you can expect: 

  • Timeliness: We know how badly you need your air conditioning fixed and will do everything in our power to have your job completed quickly.
  • Affordability: We will work with you to make sure our air condition services fit your budget needs. We give you a free estimate and offer on-site financing.
  • Professionalism: We will give your system a thorough assessment before we recommend any repairs or replacements. We arrive for the job early and clean up after ourselves before we leave.

Island Comfort Air Conditioning takes care of your every air conditioning need and will schedule regular maintenance so that your system will work as good as the day you bought it. 

Contact Island Comfort today and take advantage of our free estimate.