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Kauai has no shortage of hot and humid days. The heat makes for great surfing and BBQs, but hanging out in your home? Not so much. When springtime rolls around, a well-functioning air conditioning unit is crucial for keeping your home comfortable. 

At Island Comfort, we offer complete air conditioner installation and replacement services.

Our certified technicians are ready to provide expert and friendly air conditioning service year-round all across Kauai. 

Experienced and Knowledgeable Air Conditioning Installation on Kauai

The contractor you choose to install your air conditioner matters just as much as the system itself. Finding the right person can be difficult if you don’t know what you’re looking for, and incorrect installation can cause long-term problems. 

Island Comfort is here to provide fast and high-quality AC installation across the island of Kauai so you can feel confident that your system is installed properly the first time. 

You may not realize that air conditioner technology has grown at a rapid rate over the past few years. Many Kauai contractors aren’t trained or qualified to install the latest AC units, so they don’t offer the most innovative products. 

Our technicians at Island Comfort continuously retrain in the latest HVAC technology. That means we’re able to provide the people of Kuai with the most innovative systems on the market. 

Why Does Expert Air Conditioning Installation Matter?

Many people don’t realize that a poor air conditioner installation can cause problems down the road, like inconsistent temperatures, increased humidity, high energy consumption, and even carbon monoxide leaks. 

Our experts at Island Comfort will conduct a comprehensive survey before they begin installing your AC unit. They’ll analyze the following features in your home to make sure the installation runs as smoothly as possible: 

  • Your home’s square footage 
  • Your home’s type of insulation 
  • The ductwork design and size 
  • Your circuit breaker and electrical output 

Your Island Comfort technician will also properly calibrate your air conditioning unit and make minor adjustments to make sure every component works at full capacity. 

Installing your AC unit correctly the first time will save you money and resources. Proper installation ensures that your system runs as efficiently as possible which puts less stress on your unit. 

In the long run, your AC will be less vulnerable to breakdown and will last much longer. Plus, your AC unit will consume less energy which keeps your electricity costs down. 

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“Thank you so much to Mark for taking care of all of our A/C needs.  The weather is changing on Kaua’i and it is hotter than hot, call Island Comfort!”

Chris A.

“Ken Starr’s crew installed 5 Daikin A/C Split systems. It took them only a day and a half to do the job.”

Cyrila P.

“From the first call, to the free estimate, to the phone calls to and from Jeff, to the installation of the split system whole house A/C unit, I was impressed by their knowledge, their capability and their care.”

Tony A.

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Inefficient, power guzzling units are a thing of the past with Island Comfort. 

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