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A tropical paradise awaits just beyond your doorstep when living in the Aloha State. Although white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and warm, sunny weather year-round may seem like a dream, it comes with a price. Whether you’re in Honolulu, Kailua, Kapolei, or one of Hawaii’s other beautiful cities, you know what it feels like when the temps rise. If you’re new to island life, you may even find yourself Googling “window ac installation near me” on warmer days.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and easy solution to overcoming the high temperatures experienced in Hawaii.

Window Air Conditioner Installation Services

Is a Window AC Right for You?

If you’re considering purchasing an air conditioning unit for your home in Hawaii, look no further than Island Comfort. 

At Island Comfort, we offer a range of different HVAC products and services, including window AC units. Once you’ve decided which type of AC you want, our technicians will schedule a time to come to your house and install the air conditioning system. Additionally, with our company, you never have to worry about your system experiencing malfunctions, as we also provide complete servicing plans that include routine maintenance and repairs.

Of course, before beginning the process of purchasing and installing an AC unit, you must first determine if an HVAC system is suitable for your needs. If you find yourself getting uncomfortably hot throughout the day or during the night while at home, then you probably need an AC. While some individuals are okay with simply opening a window and letting a cool breeze drift in, others cannot go without an AC. 

If you fit into the group of people who cannot live without an AC, don’t continue to suffer through hot nights without finding a solution. Instead, contact your nearest Island Comfort location and begin discussing your options.

Essential Things to Consider Before Purchasing an AC Unit

Primarily, you need to know the cooling capacity required for your home. In other words, you should know the size of the room or home that you want to cool before purchasing a cooling system. For example, a smaller unit could improperly cool your indoor air and leave it feeling hot, while a larger unit may consume excess energy and lead to poor energy efficiency. Therefore, having accurate measurements is crucial when purchasing an AC system. 

Additionally, you’ll need to decide which type of unit will best fit your needs. A small AC window unit will suffice if you want to cool a single bedroom. However, if you’re going to cool a larger space or entire home, you should probably opt for the more powerful ductless split or central AC system. However, keep in mind that these types of units take up more space, consume more energy, and typically require more expertise than your typical handyman can provide.

Finally, should you decide to go with a larger AC unit, you’ll also need to consider maintenance plans for routine inspections to ensure the proper functioning of your system. 

Common Types of ACs and Their Benefits

At Island comfort, we inventory several different air conditioning units, each of which can be installed easily by one of our trained technicians. 

We carry all types of air conditioning systems, including:

Window Air Conditioner

Generally, a window AC is a single unit that contains all of the equipment and components required for cooling within its box-shaped design. An HVAC tech can install a window AC in either a window or a pre-cut hole in the wall. 

For the user’s convenience, this particular style of AC features a removable air filter and system control options accessed via a control panel located on the face of the unit. 

Homeowners often choose a window AC for its small size and cost-efficiency. Additionally, window units are ideal if the user’s goal is to cool a small, finite space rather than an entire home.

Ductless Mini-Split

Unlike a window AC, ductless mini-split systems offer more power and control in cooling output. A ductless mini-split consists of two components: an interior unit that mounts to the wall and is responsible for expelling cool air and an exterior unit that resides outside your home and pulls air inside. This type of cooling system is perfect as a garage AC or to cool other small spaces in your home.

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While a ductless mini-split unit is more expensive than a typical window AC, several benefits make up for the additional cost. For example, with a mini-split system, you can cool your home much quicker without consuming large amounts of energy. Furthermore, most homeowners agree that the appearance of a mini-split unit is more favorable than a bulky window unit. And if you’re home doesn’t have existing ductwork, the mini-split is an excellent choice.

Portable Air Conditioner

When looking for an AC, you may decide that you need a way of cooling your home without spending the high costs of a window or split AC unit. In this instance, a portable AC can be the perfect solution. With a structure that includes a small, free-standing unit and a funnel that connects to a nearby window, portable air conditioners offer all the benefits of typical window ACs with added portability. The primary benefit of purchasing a portable air conditioner is the ability to transport the unit throughout your home quickly. As long as the room you need to be cooled has a window, you can confidently use your portable AC.

Central Air Conditioner

If you live in a larger home and need to cool multiple rooms, a central air conditioner is likely the way to go. A central AC offers both heating and cooling options and features an indoor duct system that pulls air in from the outdoor unit. Utilizing a thermostat, you can control all unit functions such as temperature, air output, and power settings. Of course, a central AC is the most expensive system to purchase and install; however, gaining the ability to control your home’s climate quickly is the winning choice for most homeowners.

Smart Air Conditioners

In essence, a smart air conditioner is a type of WIFI-enabled system that allows the user to control operations remotely via a smartphone. Currently, there are window, mini-split, portable, and central AC units that feature smart capabilities. If you’re an individual who loves the benefit of accessing and controlling your home appliances with a few clicks of your smartphone, then a smart AC is probably the ideal system for your needs.

Regardless of the system that you choose to purchase, we at Island Comfort want to be the company you think of when it comes to all things AC installation and maintenance.

Window Air Conditioning Installation Near Me

For your convenience, Island Comfort has two locations on the islands of Kauai and Oahu that you can easily access for all of your cooling system needs. Whether you require maintenance, servicing, or a completely new system, we’re the company that you can trust to deliver the best results.

Island Comfort Air Conditioning Services

Now that you have a better idea about the AC services offered by Island Comfort, we want to tell you a bit about who we are as a company. 

Island Comfort is a family-owned company with one goal in mind: to direct our years of experience towards providing our customers with superior HVAC products and maintenance plans. Settling for other companies won’t provide you with our level of quality and service. Instead, trust Island Comfort for all of your HVAC jobs. 

For more information, contact us on our website today.