why is my house so humid

Why Is My House So Humid in the Summer?

Water on a plant in a Hawaii homeHawaii is known for its ideal weather. Cool nights and sunny days.

It isn’t always humid on the island, but when that humidity kicks in, it’s bad. 

But I’m running the AC non-stop. Why is my house so humid?” We recommend looking at the AC unit first to see if that’s the problem.

What’s the Ideal Home Humidity Level?

For humans, 40% to 50% is the perfect humidity level for homes.

If the humidity level drops below 30%, it can cause viruses to spread, make dry skin, worsen eczema, or lead to respiratory irritation.

If the humidity level jumps over 50%, this can cause mold growth and dust mites, so bringing down the humidity level is critical.

Why Is My House so Humid in the Summer and How Can I Fix It?

Keeping the humidity level in a normal range is important to reduce the spread of mold and keep your house healthy. Check these three things first before you call us.

The AC Unit Is Too Big

With AC units, bigger doesn’t always equal better, whether it’s central air or a window unit.

AC units have something called an evaporator coil, which cools the air’s temperature and removes humidity.

The thing is, these processes happen simultaneously, and removing humidity from the air takes time. If an AC unit is really big and cools down the room within 10 minutes, that means it hasn’t had the chance to remove all the moisture from the air.

Schedule an appointment and we can get to the bottom of it.

The AC Coils Are Frozen or Dirty

Air conditioners need regular maintenance to function properly – just like a car! If an AC unit’s coils are clogged up with dust, dirt, hair, or frost, it can’t do its job dehumidifying the room.

Cut off the electricity to the unit and pop open the cover. Make sure the fins aren’t smashed, clean out or replace the filter, and ensure there’s no visible ice anywhere.

It’s Not the AC – It’s You

Many people don’t realize that moisture seeps into the air of their home from basic appliances and activities. Keep these things in mind:

  • Houseplants – especially when overwatered – can push moisture into the air.
  • Coffee pots, clothes dryers, and boiling water
  • Cracks in the walls and poor insulation – both notorious across the islands
  • Those signature Hawaii jalousie windows that lack an airtight seal
  • Steamy showers
  • Talking, heavy breathing, and parties (large groups of people)

I Still Can’t Figure Out Why My House Is So Humid

Still wondering “why is my house so humid?” Island Comfort Air Conditioning can help!

Our experts will conduct a 32-point Tune-Up & Safety Check to make sure everything is running smoothly. We always work on YOUR schedule and show up on time.

Schedule an appointment now and let our experts handle it!

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