Why Is It Important to Have Air Conditioning in Kona?

November 20th, 2020

Air conditioning is a luxury for most people. In fact, those who call the islands of Hawaii home often find that they do not require the use of an AC unit on a regular basis. This is due to homes being designed with ventilation in mind and allowing the natural trade winds to cool the homes. Although, with more modern homes going up, why is it important to have air conditioning in Kona?

Is AC Necessary on the Big Island?

Known as the Big Island, Kona has a warm, tropical climate. Temperatures average between 68- and 87-degrees Fahrenheit year-round, making Kona pleasant for both locals and visitors alike. One thing worth noting is that the island is known for its steady temperatures, so while it can be cooler and breezy in the evenings, the daytime can get quite warm, though, usually never going over 90-degrees. 

This has many individuals wondering just how important it is to have air conditioning in Kona and have it running year-round.

Sure, many people can comfortably live in this warm tropical climate with ease. However, some people can benefit from having an AC unit running in their home, at the very least during the warm daytime hours, including:

  • The elderly
  • People with breathing conditions who need better control over air quality
  • Those sensitive to temperature change/with certain medical conditions
  • Pets with thicker coats 

If you’re not quite sure whether you need an air conditioning unit in your home, then you’ll want to consider the following facts. 

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8 Facts to Consider

Considering adding a new AC unit to your living space? You’ll then want to consider these eight facts as to why it is important to have air conditioning in Kona. 

1. Improves Air Quality of the Home

One of the most common reasons people choose to include an air conditioning unit in their home and run it regularly is that it gives them better control over their home’s air quality. In fact, an AC unit, whether it be an HVAC unit or mini-split unit, helps to:

  • Maintain the desired air temperature in the home/room
  • Cleans the air by filtering out pollutants and allergens
  • Helps maintain a comfortable humidity level by either adding or removing moisture from the home

These are all important for those with health conditions such as Asthma and COPD who are sensitive to the home’s air quality. 

2. Decreases the Number of Insects and Viruses in Your Home

Most AC units use a filter or system of filters to help provide you with the cleanest air possible. These filters work by filtering out small insects and helping to filter the air of certain bacteria and viruses to ensure you and your family are breathing in the cleanest air possible

3. Helps Improve Home Security

This may sound a bit odd, but it’s worth considering. When running your AC unit, you should have your windows and doors close to help keep the cold air in and the hot, humid air out. When these entry points of your home are shut, they are likely locked as well, which helps keep your home safer from intruders. 

4. Keeps You Cool 

Again, this may seem like a bit of a no-brainer. However, it’s a frequently overlooked fact simply because it is so obvious. Tropical environments such as Kona’s can have an adverse effect on some people’s health and wellbeing. For example: 

  • Elderly individuals have a lower core body temperature, and these climates can easily lead to them overheating
  • Hot and humid weather can lead to a variety of heat-related illnesses, including heat cramps and heatstroke
  • Certain health conditions can prevent the body from properly cooling itself, resulting in heat-related illnesses

Having AC in your home allows you a reprieve from the heat and humidity. 

5. Improves Sleep Quality

If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping in warmer weather, then you’re not alone. Research has shown that cooler sleep temperatures can contribute to getting restful sleep. Ideally, your room should be around 65-degrees to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

6. Protects Your Electronic Devices

If you use quite a few pieces of technology in the home, then you’ll want to make sure you maintain a cooler, drier environment to help preserve the integrity of your devices. Running too many devices in a warm room could cause them to overheat, shut down, or worse. 

7. Helps to Reduce Chances of Dehydration

By maintaining a cooler home, you are ensuring that your body isn’t working overtime to keep itself cool. Several health conditions can impact your body’s ability to cool itself and can cause excessive sweating and/or the inability to sweat. Both scenarios can easily lead to dehydration, and if you aren’t adequately rehydrating your body, you can fall victim to one of many heat-related illnesses.

8. Less Noise Pollution in the Home

Noise pollution is defined as regular exposure to elevated noise levels. These levels can have an adverse effect on those in your home. This can become a problem for those living in busy city centers and experience a lot of traffic, construction, etc. 

When you are using an AC unit to cool your home, you, again, have your windows and doors shut, helping to filter out the excessive noise from the outside world. Some AC units can also produce a soothing white noise that allows you to tune out the world around you and relax.  

Call the Air Conditioning Experts in Kona

There are several options available to those looking to either install an air conditioning unit in the home or who are looking to replace an old system. While you may be tempted to take care of it yourself, many things can go wrong, which is why you need a team of experts you can trust to get it right. 

The experts at Island Comfort are familiar with a variety of unit types, including:

  • Full HVAC systems
  • Mini-Split Units

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for an installation, system repair, or system maintenance. The Island Comfort team employs only the best technicians to ensure that your unit’s system is running at its absolute best.

Your health and comfort are our top priorities. 

If you’re wondering why it’s important to have air conditioning in Kona, then contact our team today, and we’ll be more than happy to explain further.