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The Benefits of Insulation in Tropical Hawaii

Is home insulation in Hawaii really necessary? Let’s find out. 

Some parts of Hawaii can tend to stay warm nearly all year long. While this is great weather for outdoor activities, the indoors can sometimes become unbearable since the average temperature on a regular summer day hangs out around 85 degrees. And when the humidity kicks in, there’s no escaping it! 

If you want to enjoy a comfortable air climate in your own home, you should consider attic insulation. This article explores the benefits of insulation on the islands of Hawaii and all you need to know about insulating your home.

Home insulation

Most people assume insulation is only necessary for cold climates, but it can also be incredibly beneficial in a tropical climate. Here are some benefits of insulating your island home:

1) Insulation Prolongs the Life of Your HVAC System

Without insulation, your HVAC system usually has to work twice as hard just to keep your home at a regulated temperature. This is because most of the warm or cold air it releases is usually lost through your uninsulated attic, crawl spaces, basement, or joists. This causes faster wear and tear to your HVAC system, which means regular breakdowns, and costly repairs. 

When you have quality insulation in the right amounts, all the warm and hot air your HVAC releases stays inside; you can even turn it off after every few hours of running. This significantly boosts its lifespan and the comfort of your home.

2) Insulation Lowers Your Energy Bills

When you live in a beautiful, tropical area like Hawaii, an HVAC system is a basic need. It helps keep your home cool during the hot days here, and warm during any cold spells. 

However, without insulation, your energy bill will easily shoot to the roof. Most of the cool or warm air your HVAC releases is lost through the roof and other unsealed areas. 

This results in you running your HVAC at the highest setting to try and keep things cool. You also have no option but to keep running it all the time because, the moment you turn it off, it becomes unbearably hot or cold inside. 

This means your HVAC will use more energy than it should to cool or warm your space. Insulating your home prevents this from happening. According to the EPA, insulating your attic, basement, and crawl spaces can save you about 15% in heating and cooling in Hawaii. That’s about $200 in savings annually. 

3) Insulation Increases Your Home’s Value

Nowadays, home buyers are becoming more aware of the benefits of energy-efficient homes. Also, more buyers want to keep their carbon footprint low and are often open to paying more for an energy-efficient home

Attic insulation will not only keep your utility bills low but also it will make your home more appealing to buyers if you choose to put it on the market. What’s more, you can quote a higher selling price.

Where to Install Insulation in Your Home

Every home’s insulation requirements vary depending on its design. 

Conducting an energy audit is the best way to know where you should install insulation. To give you an idea of where to start, here are some of the spaces you should ensure are properly insulated:

The Attic

About 85% of a home’s energy is lost through an improperly insulated attic. According to the US Department of Energy, insulating your attic can lower your energy costs by about 10% to 50%. There are two types of attic insulation in Hawaii:

  • Cold attic insulation is done on your attic’s floor. It’s only ideal if you have an unfinished attic because it leaves your attic exposed to outdoor temperatures.
  • Warm insulation is done beneath your roof’s decking. This is the way to go since it keeps your entire space, from the attic to all other areas cool or warm throughout.

Other Areas to Prioritize

Other areas that require insulation besides the attic include: 

  • Vented crawl spaces 
  • Unheated garages 
  • Basement 
  • Exterior walls 
  • Ceiling
  • Floors 

Why You Should Hire a Professional Insulation Company

Although insulating your home yourself might save you some money in the short-term, hiring a professional for the job is always the best approach because of the following reasons:

Avoid Damage

DIY YouTube videos and step-by-step tutorials make installing insulation seem like a walk in the park while, in reality, a lot could go wrong. For instance, different homes are fitted with varying types of insulation materials. Commonly used insulation materials include: 

  • Fiberglass batts 
  • Cellulose 
  • Foam 

When you attempt to handle the project yourself, you might choose the wrong type of insulation material for your home. As a result, your space won’t be energy efficient, and you’ll have to hire a professional to remove and install the right type of insulation. At the end of it all, you’ll have paid more than if you’d hired a professional from the get-go. 

If your home already has insulation, you’ll have to remove it before the new installation project. The chances of you damaging your roof and other insulated parts are pretty high if you do it yourself. When you hire a professional insulation company, all these worries are eliminated.

Professional Experience

A professional in heating and cooling in Hawaii not only has formal training but also hands-on experience. Your Island Comfort HVAC technician has handled many similar projects before; they know what type of insulation fits your home, and what to do if they run into problems. 

HVAC technicians know how to fill every nook and cranny of your spaces to prevent air leaks in your home. They complete the job on time and efficiently so costs stay low. 

In other words, they’ll get the job done right the first time, and right on schedule, saving you from a huge potential headache in the future.

Other Benefits of Hiring Professionals

  • HVAC techs have professional tools for the job 
  • Professionals boast special training for mold, mildew, and asbestos removal during installation
  • Safe removal and disposal of your home’s old insulation
  • Optimize energy-efficient insulation

Get Professional Home Insulation Services Today

Insulation is an investment worth making. It keeps your energy bills low, increases the efficiency of your HVAC system, increases your home’s value, and most importantly, enhances your home’s comfort. To enjoy these benefits, it needs to be done right. 

Island Comfort is your go-to local HVAC company. We offer heating and cooling services in Hawaii, as well as attic and other insulation services on Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island. 

Get in touch for more information about our services, or to request an estimate.

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