AC units have improved by leaps and bounds in the last few decades. Air conditioners are now quieter than ever. If your system is making louder noises than usual, take note. These mysterious noises can be indications that your system has encountered a problem. 

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5 Noises Your AC System Shouldn’t Be Making

Air conditioners now incorporate sound-dampening technology that minimizes the sounds of your AC system’s many functions. Whereas some noises are natural, many noises could be signs of potential AC malfunctions resulting in the dysfunctionality of your unit. 

Take a minute to read up on these various AC sounds. If you’re currently experiencing any of the following strange noises emitting from your AC unit, don’t hesitate to contact an expert technician.

1) Buzzing

Your outdoor AC unit should never emit a buzzing noise, which could be an indication of loose parts. Due to improper installation or normal wear and tear, components of your unit could become detached. 

The key culprit of this noise is typically an outdoor fan motor that’s loose or about to fail. When experiencing buzzing, it’s imperative to contact a technician immediately for air conditioner repairs. The outdoor fan motor is an integral part of the functionality of your AC unit, and a malfunctioning one could be the cause of your AC making noise.

2) Clicking

The clicking sounds that an AC unit emits when starting up and shutting down are typical for its function. However, consistent and constant clicking isn’t a normal part of the operation of a unit. Clicking can be an indicator of a failing thermostat, which monitors and regulates your home’s indoor temperature and communicates with your AC unit. 

3) Clanging

Clanging is another sign of loose parts, most likely indicating a problem with your AC unit’s compressor. Clanging can also suggest that the indoor blower or outdoor fan is out of balance and hitting other parts. Issues such as these could pose a more significant threat to your AC system’s overall efficiency and health if a technician isn’t contacted to repair AC clanging.

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4) Squealing

A malfunction regarding the indoor blower or outdoor fan could potentially create a squealing sound. These noises can often be heard throughout the ducts of your AC system and indicate a blower or fan that’s going bad. The indoor blower wheel will squeal if it’s malfunctioning. These sounds can be typical during AC start-up, but if they’re just beginning to occur, it could mean that it’s time for air conditioner repairs

5) Rattling

If your air conditioner rattles, it could be a clue that components of the unit are beginning to deteriorate. This can be a sign of normal wear and tear, corrosion, or a refrigerant leak. Another cause of rattling could be that debris such as twigs or leaves has gotten caught in your system. 

In addition, rattling could signify loose parts in your unit, most likely the compressor. Rattling noises are the most notorious of AC systems as they can indicate many internal malfunctions. It’s best to contact a technician if your AC is making a rattling noise.

How Do I Stop Loud AC Noises?

An AC making noise nowadays should be considered a rarity. Getting the noises to stop is about more than minimizing the sound; it’s about fixing the cause of the noises in the first place. Noises emitted from your AC unit could signify many problems with your air conditioner. Therefore it’s in your best interest to contact a professional. 

Island Comfort has been providing Hawaii residents with peace of mind regarding their air conditioners for years. If you’re experiencing noises coming from your AC, give us a call today!