Indoor pollution is a real concern for many people, especially as indoor pollutants can be worse than outdoor pollutants.

Because people suffer from allergies when inside, air scrubbers became the next way for us to clean the air of allergens and other harmful air particles.

What Is an Air Scrubber?

Air scrubbers are designed to improve the quality of our air by purifying the air and attached ductwork. We typically see air scrubbers used to clean mold spores out of the air or when companies renovate existing buildings.

Because of indoor air pollution at home or in the office, air scrubbers are also installed inside of existing ductwork and become a permanent solution.

How Do Air Scrubbers Work?

Beautiful cloudy sky background, sunny day, abstract natural backdrop, fresh air, peaceful cloudscapeAir scrubbers create what is known as a negative pressure environment. The negative pressure works to contain hazardous elements.

Consider the way that air always flows from high pressure to low pressure. By creating a negative pressure environment, the flow stays constant as it goes towards the air scrubber instead of outwards towards the surrounding areas.

Restoration companies use air scrubbers to decontaminate the air from things like lead, asbestos, mold, chemicals, and dust to keep them from being drawn into our AC units. They keep the rest of the area from being contaminated.

Having an air scrubber also improves the quality of our health. Certain contaminants are always around like skin cells or dirt, but the dangerous ones can cause problems when inhaled. Air scrubbers prevent that from happening.

What Are the Benefits of an Air Scrubber?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit to using an air scrubber is staying healthy in our everyday environments. Pathogens that would typically cause illnesses tend to stay trapped indoors, but with an air scrubber, they would be cleaned out of the air.

People living with asthma also benefit from using an air scrubber because irritants that would typically trigger an asthma attack are removed from the air.

We love a fresh smell, and an air scrubber provides that when it cleans the air around us. Mold spores can sometimes cause the air to smell foul, but an air scrubber takes care of that.

By scrubbing the air, air conditioners are protected. We know that dust can clog an AC unit, but with an air scrubber cleaning out those particles, the HVAC system steers clear from having that debris from unwelcome clogs.

Air Scrubbers Are Worth Having

Some of us have to cope with allergies and asthma, so air scrubbers are a godsend. They help us feel healthier and improve our overall quality of life.

Scrubbers also make our homes smell fresh and clean as they pull mold, bacteria, and other pathogens out of the air. If you’ve never thought about having one, maybe now’s the time to consider the possibilities!