As much as everyone enjoys island life, we can’t deny that air conditioning is a huge relief! AC keeps our homes cool and dry despite the heat and humidity of the tropical summer. Unfortunately, air conditioners sometimes develop problems that affect their performance and the air quality within your home. Here are three of the most common AC problems Hawaiian residents face.

1. Bad Smells Coming from Your AC

Have you been noticing a foul odor wafting from your air ducts? Bad smells are a common AC problem, and one that is easily solved once the source of the smell has been located. A musty or mildewy scent may be a sign that you have mold growing in your AC unit’s evaporator pan. The smell of urine or feces may indicate that you have a rodent infestation. A chemical odor similar to nail polish remover could mean your unit has a refrigerant leak.

Depending on the source of the smell, you may need to have your AC unit and ducts cleaned, contact an exterminator, have your AC checked for refrigerant leaks, or change your AC filters.

2. Air Conditioner Costs Too Much to Run

The residents of Hawaii already pay some of the highest electric rates in the U.S. As much as half of your energy bill may be going to keeping your home cool during the hot days of summer. 

There are many steps you can take to reduce your AC bills. The most effective is to have your AC unit regularly checked and maintained. AC units that are adequately maintained run better, cool more efficiently, and cost less to run. Keeping your thermostat set at 78 degrees or above can help you save money. 

Ceiling fans can help keep costs down as well. Make sure your doors and windows are closed while the AC is running. Consider planting trees and shrubs around your house to provide shade and keep it cool.

3. AC Isn’t Cooling as Well as It Used to

There could be many reasons why your AC unit isn’t keeping your home as cool as it used to. The problem could lie with the AC unit itself, such as low refrigerant levels, bad or dirty condenser coils, the fan, or electrical issues. The ducts could also be the source of the problem if they’ve become damaged and developed leaks. The thermostat may also be to blame.

If your AC unit isn’t cooling your home properly, schedule a service call with an experienced HVAC technician. They know how to maintain and repair AC units, so they’ll be able to pinpoint the source of the problem and provide a solution.

Island Comfort Has the Solution to All Your AC Problems

Are air conditioner problems causing you to lose your cool? Living in Hawaii, where humidity levels run high, life without cool air gets miserable fast.

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Island Comfort Air Conditioning is dedicated to serving the needs of our customers. We consistently deliver first-rate service, including expert AC installation, maintenance, and repair to customers on the islands of Oahu and Kauai.