As we finally see the end of winter, warmer temperatures have started to creep in. While the warmth is great in Hawaii, it also means lots of humidity. Before you know it, you will be reaching to turn on the AC. One of the worst scenarios during this time is that you try to turn on your AC and find that it doesn’t work, which is why maintenance and summer preparation are important. Summer may not be here yet, but there are several things you should do to prepare your AC unit to handle the increased use. 

Cleanup and Cover for Air Conditioner

If you didn’t put an AC cover on your unit during the off-season, then there may be some cleanup to do. Make sure that there are no leaves or dirt are bunking up around the unit, since that may interfere with ventilation. When leaves or other debris get into the unit, it can potentially lead to moisture collecting inside, which causes corrosion. This leads to further problems with your unit. 

When fall hits, there are covers for air conditioners that can help to keep leaves and debris out. Instead of a full AC cover, some will place a sheet of plywood or other material over the top of the unit. This can work as long as the material spans at least six inches around the unit to help keep debris away. 

Change the Filter on Your AC Unit

Another important step to preparing your HVAC unit is to replace the filter. The filter catches particles before the air flows into your home, so it has likely built up plenty of dust, dander, and allergens. Ideally, you should replace this filter every month. If you have not replaced it through the cooler months, now is the time. This way, your unit will have a nice, new filter before it begins working hard all summer long. 

If you have difficulties with allergies or asthma, then it may be a good idea to install a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are designed to catch very small particles, which can improve indoor air quality.

Regular Service Is Important

Another important part of preparing your outdoor AC unit for summer is to have it regularly serviced by an HVAC technician. You should be having your unit tuned up every spring and fall, as it will help ensure that everything is working properly. Regular maintenance can also catch potential issues before they turn into huge repair bills. 

An HVAC tech is going to check and service various parts of the unit, including cleaning the coils, checking the refrigerant level, checking the drain lines, and more. After a good tune-up, your unit will be ready to pump out the AC during those hot summer months. 

Let Island Comfort Prepare Your AC for the Summer Months

If you’re looking to have your HVAC unit tuned up or need repairs, give us a call here at Island Comfort. We are a family-owned and operated company, and we are experts when it comes to heating and air conditioning. Island Comfort services and repairs units all across Oahu and Kauai. Your family’s comfort no matter the season is our priority. Our services include installation, repair, and tune-ups. Let us help make sure that your HVAC unit is ready to keep you cool this summer.