Photo of Island Comfort technician installation a new mini split AC

Split Unit AC Installation Services For Hawaiian Homeowners

Photo of Island Comfort technician installation a new mini split AC

If you were to ask the locals, they would quickly tell you that there’s no more incredible place to live than Hawaii; this is no surprise due to the lush forests, picturesque beaches, and tropical weather. However, there are times when the Hawaiian heat can be a drawback. Luckily, any resident can be cool and comfortable with the right air conditioning system. For this reason, we’re providing some information on the process of split AC installation. 

After undergoing a mini-split installation, your home will be equipped to handle the heat. As a result, you can spend your time enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer—while having a cool and refreshing home to return to after a hot day.

What Exactly Is a Split AC?

In the world of HVAC systems, there are many different types of AC units to choose from. A ductless mini-split system is ideal if you’re looking for a cost-efficient system that minimizes ductwork while providing excellent cooling output. Though similar to a window unit in functionality, a ductless system is much more powerful in that it can cool your home quickly and without compromising energy efficiency. 

The cooling system comprises two components: the indoor vent, which is mounted on the wall and expels cool air into your home, and the outdoor unit, which is responsible for pulling in and filtering the air to ensure air quality. Connecting the two components is a series of tubes containing refrigerant to cool down the air before entering your home. While most homeowners choose a split AC system to cool one room, a larger unit is fully capable of cooling an entire home.

Benefits of Mini-Split Installation

Several benefits come with installing a ductless system in your home. The most notable benefit customers enjoy is the quick and efficient cooling aspect of mini-splits, and a split AC can cool your home in a much shorter amount of time when compared to typical window AC units. 

Additionally, ductless mini-splits also use significantly less energy to cool a room or house than window units. This is due to the size of the unit and its ability to regulate a room’s temperature quickly. 

Furthermore, a split AC system is also much quieter and more cost-efficient in the long run than regular air conditioning units. While split air conditioning installation is more costly than a smaller, less-powerful window unit, the benefits and costs saved over time more than compensate for the initial price of a new system.

DIY AC Installation Not Recommended

Due to the laborious process of air conditioning installation and the risk of error and damage to your new system, it’s best to leave the installation of your split AC system to professionals. Contact your local HVAC company once you’ve chosen the unit you want. A trained technician will handle the entire installation process to ensure that your system functions properly. 

Additionally, your technician will set up a maintenance plan for having your split AC routinely serviced. With a maintenance plan in place, you’re guaranteed a properly functioning system for years to come.

Split Air Conditioner Alternatives

To help you decide whether a split AC is appropriate for your needs, we’re providing some alternative systems for you to consider.

Window AC Unit

Most individuals are interested in a mini-split due to its small size and energy-saving abilities. Like a split AC, a window AC can help you save on energy compared to larger units, all while providing adequate air output. However, unlike the split system, a window AC takes longer to cool your home. Therefore, a window AC may be perfect if you need a relatively small room to be air-conditioned, but you should probably stick with the split version if the area is larger.

Portable AC Unit

Another excellent option for an affordable, cost-efficient unit is a portable AC. A portable AC system with a stand-alone unit and a connecting funnel that pulls air through a nearby window offers both functionality and versatility. If you don’t mind frequently moving the unit, you can easily transport it from room to room and keep your entire home cool.

Smart AC Unit

Finally, if you’re looking to modernize your home, you may consider opting for a smart AC unit. With a smart AC, you can connect to your system using wireless internet via 

Benefits of mini split AC infographic

your smartphone. From this point, you can monitor and change your unit’s settings from anywhere that you have an internet connection. Fortunately, every type of AC comes in smart versions, so it’s just a matter of deciding which system you prefer.

Should You Consider Central Heating and Air?

When considering purchasing an air conditioner, some individuals may invest their money into a full-service central air conditioning system. Of course, central air is much more expensive and difficult to install than a split AC or the other alternatives. However, as most central ACs last up to 20 years with routine servicing, a homeowner can save money over the years by purchasing a central heating and air system instead of several smaller units that require maintenance or replacement due to defects. 

Therefore, opting for a central unit is really up to you and your air conditioning expectations. It’s important to remember that every system will, in fact, adequately cool your home; however, depending on the unit you choose, some may offer better energy-saving abilities, more costs saved over time, and easier installations. For these reasons, it’s imperative that you, as a homeowner, conduct your research and consult with professionals as to which new system is best for you.

Get Your Split AC Installed Today With Island Comfort!

After reading through this information about split AC unit installation, you should have a better idea of the installation process and what it entails. 

We’re happy to provide these resources in addition to our AC installation and maintenance services. With locations on the islands of Kauai and Oahu, we are the local HVAC company that you can trust for all of your cooling needs. 

Island Comfort Air Conditioning is a family-owned business that seeks to provide easy-to-access and high-quality HVAC services to the residents of Hawaii. Please visit our website to learn more about our products, services, and AC repair plans. We look forward to keeping you and your home cool.

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