dog at home who's fur dander is getting on the HVAC filters

Pet Owners: 5 Signs It’s Time To Change Your HVAC Filters

HVAC filters require a lot of attention, even if you don’t own any cuddly companions. The sole purpose of your air filters is to ensure that the air is able to circulate throughout your home is clean and allergen-free. The task of cleaning and replacing air filters may seem mundane, but it’s a necessary chore for those who wish to get the most out of their HVAC system.

dog at home who's fur dander is getting on the HVAC filters

Enter those with furry friends. As if cleaning and replacing air filters isn’t enough, there are many things pet owners should be aware of in regards to the status of their HVAC filters. Pets produce significant amounts of hair, dander, dirt, and dust. The accumulation of these materials can lead to critical issues with your unit. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and done our research in order to provide you with the common signs that it’s time to change your filters! Here we go!

1) Your Pet Hasn’t Been Groomed In a While

Proper grooming is imperative to ensuring that pet dander, hair, and dirt has a minimal presence in the household. With a busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to bring your pet to a professional groomer or even groom them yourself. If your pet hasn’t been groomed in a while, chances are that a lot of the debris from their coat has made its way into your HVAC filter. This can be detrimental to the functionality of your system. Not only should you replace your filters in this case, but you should also get your pet a grooming appointment as soon as possible.

2) You Have Little Time to Clean Your Home

It can be difficult for many of us to allocate time toward cleaning up after our pets, especially if they’re prone to shedding. If you haven’t deep-cleaned your house in a while, chances are that you’ll find pet hair, dander, and dirt in your HVAC filters. Cleaning your home daily is just as important as changing your HVAC filters regularly. Less HVAC filters. Cleaning your home daily is just as important as changing your HVAC filters regularly. Less cleaning means more money spent on filters, and no one wants that. Be sure to clean your house multiple times a week in order to avoid replacing brand new filters. If your house is rarely cleaned, or has not been cleaned in some time, it’s time to change your air filters.

3) Your Pet Is a Shedder

Pets are a joy to have around the house, but they often come with one big downside—shedding. Pets that shed often require more maintenance than pets that don’t. To keep your pet clean and healthy, it’s important to groom them regularly and vacuum their bedding frequently. If you have pets that shed often, it may also be necessary to change your air filters more frequently.

4) You Rarely Change Your Air Filters

Techs recommend to replace your air filters once a month at a minimum. If you rarely change your air filters your filters, vents and ductwork can easily become clogged and restrict proper airflow. This can also be detrimental to the dehumidification process and cause more contaminants and allergens to be present in your air. It’s a recommended precaution that you inspect your air filters once a week and change them at least once a month.

5) It's Been a While Since the Last HVAC System Inspection

Proper inspection from a professional service will determine the current state of your system. A technician will inspect your filters, vents, and ducts and let you know if there is a problem regarding the build-up of material in these components. The accumulation of dirt, dander, hair, and other materials can restrict airflow, cause your system to work overtime or circulate allergens throughout your home. 

If you’d like more information or believe that it’s time to schedule routine maintenance and inspection, contact Island Comfort today to speak with a specialist! 

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