How Often Should I Service My AC Unit? What You Need to Know

Mini Split UnitIn Hawaii, most of us are lucky enough to enjoy cool breezy nights–even in the summer.

For those of us living in low-lying or humid areas, however, a high-functioning AC unit is necessary year-round.

One of the most frequent questions customers ask us at Island Comfort is “how often should I service my AC unit?”

Well, it depends! Let’s take a look…

How Often Should I Service My AC Unit and Why Does It Matter?

People living in a valley that doesn’t enjoy much wind or somewhere wet like Waialua get stuck running their AC unit 24-7 year-round. In that case, we suggest professionally servicing the AC unit every three-to-six months or so.

We recommend a 32-point Safety Check & Tune-Up. Our experts will pop open the AC and make sure everything is running smoothly, clear out debris, check the wiring, and implement changes on all the technical stuff that non-professionals should not be touching.

For anyone lucky enough to live upon a ridge where it isn’t necessary to run the AC all winter, an annual 32-point Safety Check & Tune-Up should suffice. Give us a call in the spring so we can make sure the AC is ready to handle the summer heat.

Why Is It Important to Service My AC Unit?

Air conditioners are delicate pieces of machinery.

Dirt, debris, and gunk cause them to overwork themselves and run hot which can drive up electric bills and lead to increased risk of breakdown, both of which are expensive, especially in Hawaii!

A dirty AC unit or filter also leads to dirty air. For anyone with allergies or sensitive skin, a slight increase in dust mites, mold, and microorganisms can make a massive difference.

Can I Service My AC Unit Myself?

Servicing your air conditioner isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Maintenance tasks like checking the wiring and freon leaks are definitely best left to an AC repair company that won’t risk your safety and/or cause damage to your unit. While you could help the health of your air conditioner by changing your filters regularly and other minor forms of maintenance, this will not increase the life cycle of your HVAC unit compared to what we provide in our 32 point safety check and tune-up. 

Let Us Do the Dirty Work

Don’t air conditioners in Hawaii always seem to break down at the worst times? Give us a call at Island Comfort and we’ll make sure your AC unit is always running smoothly – year-round!

Schedule an appointment for AC maintenance with our experts now!

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