Man Climbing Into Loft To Insulate House Roof

Does Attic Insulation Really Help? Yes.

Man Climbing Into Loft To Insulate House Roof

Technological advancements help to lower energy costs, but even with those improvements, we still believe that attic insulation helps to keep you cool.

Insulation in the attic is especially useful because it gives you an extra barrier to the hot temperatures outside. Cooler temperatures inside also mean more efficient cooling which translates into lower energy bills.

How Insulation Materials Work

Insulation materials are not just some fly by night kind of thing – they serve a real purpose in keeping our homes cool in this Hawaiian heat.

The materials act as a barrier to keep our homes from getting too hot while also keeping the cool air inside where we like it. When the house is cooler, then our air conditioner doesn’t have to work quite so hard to keep us cool.

Types of Insulation Materials

There are different types of insulation materials, but the one we probably recognize the most is fiberglass. Fiberglass is made of superfine glass fibers that are woven together.

The weaving creates natural air pockets which work to block heat. We use various sizes of fiberglass insulation as needed. Take note, working with fiberglass means wearing gloves because those thin fibers can get stuck in the skin just like splinters, so it’s best left up to professionals.

Another insulation that is relatively commonplace is cellulose. If you ever wondered where our recycled newspapers went, here’s the answer.

Cellulose is made of shredded newspapers that are treated to be fire retardant. Natural fibers work to keep the heat at bay after it has been blown into an attic.

Benefits of Attic Insulation

Attic insulation can provide plenty of benefits that are worth looking into, especially in a humid climate like Hawaii. Consider the following as positive points to embrace attic insulation if you haven’t already.

Air Conditioners Live Longer

Air conditioners that don’t have to work as hard are going to live longer.

The short of it is that AC units have a lot of different parts that are continuously under stress. The less stress we can place on it, the longer life the equipment will have.

Fewer AC Repairs Needed

Fewer AC repairs are in line with longer life. Regular maintenance is essential to keep air conditioners functioning properly – prevention is critical.

By reducing the thermal load, we also prevent premature wear, which results in fewer repairs throughout an AC’s lifespan.

Saves Money

When the AC isn’t working as hard, it’s not going to be pulling as much energy, which means a lower bill that we have to pay. In looking at the savings, adding insulation to our homes can pay us back in a few short years.

Depending on how old the house is, we may need to add more insulation even if the home was initially insulated years ago. It’s a good idea to get it checked after several years because it settles and becomes less effective.

Yes, Insulation Really Does Help

Adding insulation is cheaper than the cost of cooling a home that isn’t insulated. If nothing else, that should be enough to encourage all of us to insulate our homes.

It will be better for your pocketbook in the long run!

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