Photo of HVAC tech performing AC air duct cleaning

8 Preventative Measures to Keep Up With AC Air Duct Cleaning

Photo of HVAC tech performing AC air duct cleaning

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid HVAC system malfunction, breakdown, or repair. AC air duct cleaning is the best way to keep your system operating at maximum efficiency and prevent damage.

Older systems may require a professional to clean air ducts after years of dust buildup. Newer systems may suffer from leaks or other damage that leads to dirty ducts due to improper installation.

Preventative measures to keep air ducts clean:

1) Change Your Air Filter Regularly

The number one way to keep your air ducts clean is regularly changing your air filters. Most air-conditioned environments require a filter change every month, and homes with higher traffic levels or pets may need to change their filters every two weeks.

Change air conditioning filters on the first of the month to keep dust, mold spores, various allergens, and contaminants from building up. An added benefit of regular filter changes is that your system’s airflow won’t be restricted. Restricted airflow causes your HVAC system to work overtime, leading to diminished longevity and higher energy bills.

2) Reduce Dust, Dander, and Pet Fur

Furry pets can lead to excessive dust and dander in your ducts when they are shed. Make sure to regularly groom your pets to reduce excess fur from entering your air conditioning system. 

Wipe down air vents, grilles, and registers with a warm towel to remove larger particulates. Running your vacuum cleaner regularly is also helpful to prevent dust from accumulating in the air and clogging your duct system.

3) Have a Professional HVAC Cleaning

The most effective way to keep your air ducts cleaned is to have a professional cleaning. A duct cleaning can be conducted annually to increase the lifespan of your cooling system and ensure maximum efficiency. Additionally, if you’ve recently completed home improvements, it’s advisable to call a duct cleaning service for thorough cleaning.

4) Control Your Home's Moisture

If you live in a high humidity climate, as you likely do in Hawaii, it’s essential to maintain proper moisture control. When humidity issues arise, they can create numerous problems, including mildew and visible mold growth. Clogged drain lines can create humidity issues, and clogs lead to the drain line backing up into the drain pan, leading to extensive water damage.

You can avoid costly breakdowns and repairs to multiple components by properly controlling moisture. Ask your HVAC contractor if a dehumidifier is needed in your living space.

5) Switch to a High-Efficiency Filter

Air Duct Cleaning Infographic

With a high-efficiency filter, you don’t have to worry about dirty ducts and the risk of mold growth because it has a 99.7% efficiency rate. This will keep your system cleaner than a traditional filter could and help your air quality as well. Keep in mind that your filter should have at least eighteen pleats per foot.

6) Inspect Grills and Registers

Dust and dander can build up on your registers, vents, and grills if they are not cleaned regularly. Over time this will infiltrate your ductwork and create leaks that allow unfiltered air into your home’s air ducts. Clean these components with a damp rag to reduce dust buildup and ensure there are no leaks by checking for any gaps in the seals.

7) Utilize Air Purifiers

The air in our homes is one of the most critical – and often overlooked – aspects of our health. Even if you exercise regularly, eat well, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you and your family members may still be exposed to pollutants like mold or bacteria. Your indoor air quality can affect everything from your immune system to your mood.

A dedicated air purifier is an efficient and effective way to protect your ductwork from any ambient dust and particulate that might otherwise reach your system. The purifier’s capacity varies depending on the space and can provide an extra layer of protection for smaller homes. Your HVAC technician will be able to help you navigate through the various options and choose the right air purifier for your home.

8) Conduct Seasonal Air Conditioner Cleanings

Seasonal cleaning is an often-overlooked way to ensure clean ducts. As the seasons change, the demands on HVAC systems vary. By cleaning your ducts at the beginning and end of the winter, you can help reduce buildup over time.

Different seasons produce more significant dust and varying humidity levels, which require more cleaning solutions for Hawaii homeowners. By keeping your AC ducts clean, you can reduce the risk for breakdown and get the most out of your system’s efficiency.

Hawaii HVAC Services: AC Repair and Installation

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