An Island Comfort HVAC technician performing a 32 point ac inspection

What Do We Cover in Our 32-Point AC Inspection?

An Island Comfort HVAC technician performing a 32 point ac inspection

When you have a professional tune up your air conditioner, they can spot minor issues before they turn into big ones. With their help, you can make sure the unit is working optimally.

We cover 32 different points at Island Comfort in our AC tune-up. You might wonder what a 32-point tune-up from Island Comfort entails—we’ll break it down step by step.

Getting your air conditioner unit tuned up is essential, and we recommend you get it checked annually. Throughout an AC unit’s lifespan, components like the evaporator or condenser coil accumulate matter. This debris includes dust, dirt, moisture, and even microbial growth. If left unchecked, these can lead to either loss of efficiency or early breakdowns of component materials. A tune-up makes sure you get the most out of your AC unit.

What to Expect During a 32-Point AC Inspection

Not every HVAC service provider does their due diligence with integrity. Island Comfort ensures that every part of your AC unit works as efficiently as possible. We look closely at even the most minor elements to prevent more significant issues from forming.

The 32 Points of Island Comfort's AC Tune-Up

What 32 points does Island Comfort cover? Here’s what we do:

  1. Check the blower motor, measuring amperage and voltage to ensure proper operation.
  2. Test the thermostat for proper operation, calibration, and leveling.
  3. Clean any existing air filters as needed.
  4. Inspect the bearing for wear and lubricate it.
  5. Examine the indoor coil (if it’s accessible).
  6. Confirm the proper return air and size for the unit.
  7. Perform a visual inspection of the condenser coil.
  8. Monitor the refrigerant’s operating pressures.
  9. Inspect the safety devices for proper operation.
  10.  Inspect the electrical disconnect box for appropriate rating and safe installation.
  11.  Inspect and tighten connections on all electrical wiring.
  12.  Test the contractors to check for burned or pitted contacts.
  13.  Inspect the electrical system for any exposed wiring.
  14.  Examine and test the AC unit’s capacitors.
  15.  Complete a visual inspection of the fan blade for any potential issues.
  16.  Clean the condenser coil to remove any debris.
  17.  Inspect the service valves for proper operation.
  18.  Measure the supply/return temperature differential.
  19.  Inspect the ductwork for any energy loss.
  20.  Check the compressor, monitoring and measuring amperage and volt draw while checking wiring connections.
  21.  Check the AC unit for any time delay relay issues.
  22.  Examine the AC unit for any isolation pads.
  23.  Inspect the suction line to make sure there are proper fittings.
  24.  Inspect fittings for any signs of oil or leakage.
  25.  Check the lines and fittings with a Freon leak detector.
  26.  Balance and re-torque the unit’s blower wheel.
  27.  Check the home for proper airflow.
  28.  Test the condensate drain line for any issues.
  29.  Check for any evaporation to protect the coils.
  30.  Test for any high-voltage fuses.
  31.  Check and test any low-voltage fuses.
  32.  Inspect the unit for any general safety issues.

AC Tune-Up Cost: Ask Your HVAC Technician

You might be surprised by just how reasonable an AC tune-up cost is. Every provider offers different rates, and the price also depends on the exact job provided. Talk with your air conditioning specialist for an appraisal and receive a quote.

Keep in mind, an AC tune-up can save you money!

Get Your AC Tuned Up with Island Comfort

Island Comfort is your best choice for the best air conditioning service and repair in Hawaii. Contact us today if you want to tune up your AC and save money during the summer months. With locations on Oahu and Kauai, Island Comfort is ready to serve you 24/7—we’re just a phone call away!

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