tech that works for HVAC companies

10 Red Flags That Are Common From Unreliable HVAC Companies

The last thing anyone wants is to be swindled by someone they trust. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the warning signs of unreliable HVAC services. HVAC maintenance should provide for your needs, not create more or completely ignore them. 

tech that works for HVAC companies

When choosing an HVAC repair service, you should know what you’re getting yourself into and who will be performing the necessary repairs. That’s why we’ve provided a list of ten red flags that are common in unreliable HVAC companies. Familiarizing yourself with these warning signs will help you distinguish who’s here to help and who’s possibly attempting to take advantage of you. 

1. No License

The HVAC company you choose must hold the proper licensing for the trade. Licensing binds a company to the regulations legislated by local authorities. In the U.S., anyone can register a company by paying around $100 and filing a single form. Ensuring that your HVAC service is appropriately licensed not only means that the company is legitimate, but also means that the technicians have the proper training to work on gas-powered equipment.

2. No Insurance

HVAC services that aren’t properly insured put you at risk. Non-insured contractors and HVAC companies also indicate a lack of consideration and care for the general safety of the customer. Most importantly, if one of these companies is uninsured, you’ll be responsible for paying out for any injuries or damage to your property. 

3. No Work Permit

Obtaining a work permit for HVAC maintenance can only be accomplished by licensed contractors and services. If you’re asked to get the work permit by your HVAC service, then your hired contractor may not be licensed.

4. Lack of References

Even the youngest companies establish themselves by carrying a list of referrals to give potential customers. An HVAC company or contractor that lacks referrals may be a scam. A legitimate company will be able to provide customer references and testimonials and offer guarantees in the case of unsatisfactory work.

5. Bad Reviews

Reviews are an invaluable resource for potential customers of any company. Reviews on the internet will help you decide whether or not to hire an HVAC company. While some companies have no reviews, there is even more incentive to research that company before hiring them. And if you see bad reviews, then buyer beware. 

6. One-Person Company

A one-person company may not be able to provide adequate services. Certain types of repairs require more than one licensed technician, so a one-person show likely won’t perform these tasks. In addition, one-person companies can’t guarantee around-the-clock service for their clients, which can put you in a pickle if you ever find yourself in an emergency.

7. No Uniform

Uniforms represent the fact that an HVAC company has invested in a professional appearance. This indicates their dedication to the service and shows that they have legitimate expertise and experience. A contractor or service without a uniform can be a serious red flag.

8. No Website

Online presence is paramount for legitimate businesses that want to indicate that their service is professional. Websites also normally list certifications, license numbers, merits, reviews, and the services offered. Beware of a company without a website.

9. No Social Media

Having a social media presence is very important for any small business. It provides an opportunity to show off your work and helps build your brand and grow your customer base. A lack of a social media presence can be a warning sign that the business may not be legitimate or could even be in financial trouble.

10. Advanced Payment or Cash

If you’re asked to make a hefty down payment or pay for all services before they’re even rendered, then it’s wise to tread carefully. It’s all too easy for illegitimate services to scam you or not feel obligated to do good work. The best HVAC companies will typically offer a free estimate for their services, then let you decide through with the service. 

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