Air Conditioning Maintenance

If you live on the islands of Kauai or Oahu then you probably have a love-hate relationship with your air conditioner. On one hand, we depend on our air conditioners to bring us much needed relief from the island’s extreme heat and humidity. But we also aren’t fans of how unreliable, inefficient, and therefore expensive they can be!

Many of the homeowners of Kauai have been forced to replace their home’s central air cooling systems. Island Comfort offers a better alternative…

Instead of buying an entirely new a/c unit why not save time and money by letting Island Comfort help you with routine maintenance? With our years of experience and professional know-how, we can guarantee that our team of technicians will keep your air conditioner just as efficient as the day it came out of the factory.

Air Conditioning Installation by Island Comfort

Improve Efficiency to Increase Your Comfort and Save Money!

To make sure that you are getting the most out of your HVAC unit Island Comfort has developed a 32 point ac tune-up and cleaning procedure. This tune-up covers all the bases to make sure that every component of the unit is functioning at its best, that there are no leaks or faulty parts, and that there are no electrical/pressure issues.

An Island Comfort service-call doesn’t only improve efficiency, increase comfort, and save you money… By making sure that your A/C is always running at maximum productivity you put less stress on the unit as a whole. This will extend the life of the air conditioner for many years to come (see also ac repair and installation services). Just as importantly, by keeping an eye out for any faulty parts you guarantee that the machine won’t break and that you won’t have to make costly emergency repairs. That’s both long-term AND short-term savings!n

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Contact us today to schedule a SERVICE CALL and be sure to ask about our exclusive 32 Point AC Tune-Up!